Albumin microspheres for oral delivery in

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The Microsphere Refiner is an innovative process equipment for the formulation of sterile microspheres providing accurate particles distribution more. Microencapsulation produces uniform drug release vehicle. All news on microspheres

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Formulation and characterization of atropine sulfate in albumin-chitosan microparticles for in vivo ocular drug delivery.

Ijrpc 2011, 1(4) Sahil Kataria et al. Issn: 22312781

Keywords: Microspheres, controlled release, therapeutic efficacy, novel drug delivery.. different applications. Hollow microspheres. Polyethylene and polystyrene microspheres. used for the preparation of the microspheres

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Pramipexole Formulated Into Microspheres. Where, Cactual = actual amount (mg) of drug contained in microspheres. delivery systems: a new preparation method for low density microspheres, J.

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Microspheres used in drug delivery

For use as described herein, adsorbent carbon microspheres may be administered to the gut of a subject by any suitable means. In one embodiment, the carbon is administered orally. Formulations for oral administration may include.

Iajps, 2014, 1(1), 46-50

. mask the faint odour and taste. Tinidazole is an antiprotozoal drug used to treat amoebiasis, which has plasma life of 12 hours in adult with bitter and faint odor. Microspheres are suitable drug delivery system for such candidates. In

Chitosan: A Novel Pharmaceutical Excipient

polysaccharides found in nature. Chitosan. biopolymer of glucosamine gained much interest in. significantly bind fat, acting like a "fat sponge" in. and it is used for detoxifying water. Chitosan. Chitosan based drug delivery systems,

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A drug delivery composition for intranasal delivery comprises a plurality of bioadhesive microspheres and active drug associated with each microsphere, at least 90 wt % of the microspheres having a diameter in the range 0.1 μm.

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